Taking collective action on the world's greatest crisis and to work together towards a safe and healthy planet for the next generations, GOLF IT UNITED is committed to promote golf as a sustainable sport by choosing eco-conscious partners and encouraging its members reduce the use of plastics on the golf course.

Season 2023 initiatives

  • Partnering with Golf & More's ‘EcoTee’ to supply 100% biodegradable bamboo golf tees, which offer the same tee height consistency benefits as its harmful plastic counterparts.
  • Promoting a selection of TEXET and ADIDAS clothes containing RECYCLED polyester
  • Promoting a selection of ADIDAS golf shoes made of recycled polyester and/or waste materials.
  • Promoting the usage of TAYLORMADE refillable/reusable drink bottles.

#DrivingNetZero #ForSustainableGolf #BreakFreeFromPlastic #MakeTheSwitch

If you have questions regarding our sustainability pledge, you may contact us at