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CONTACT: Senne Vaeyens  |  +32(0)3 450 80 30
Veldkant 33A  |  B-2550 Kontich  |  BELGIUM

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We are Cloudar, a team of cloud architects, offering rock solid cloud solutions for any type of business. We design, build and operate high available and scalable environments based on Amazon Web Services. As the leading AWS Premier Consulting Partner in Belgium, we have the capabilities required to build, deploy, and manage complex cloud architectures on AWS. Our proven track record of successful DevOps projects, infrastructure Migration projects, Managed Services projects and AWS Professional Services in general spans more than a hundred client engagements.


CONTACT: Tom Horré  |  +32(0)3 304 95 12
Borsbeeksebrug 28 – 2nd floor  |  B-2600 Berchem (Antwerp)  |  BELGIUM

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Davinsi Labs

Founded in 2014 on the premise that true mastery can only be achieved by extreme focus, Davinsi Labs aspires to be the market reference for Digital Service Excellence. This unique dedication enables our team of passionate architects and specialists to maintain the highest level of expertise. A strategy that makes us the trusted partner for many large organizations in our market and beyond. Davinsi Labs helps companies achieve digital service excellence. Our Security and Service Intelligence solutions guarantee end users of digital services a safe and excellent experience.


Sponsoring of goodies and prizes for multiple or all events. Limited visibility and extra benifits.


CONTACT: Lut Demaecker  |  +32(0)460 35 01 04
Mgr. Ladeuzeplein 15  |  B-3000 LEUVEN  |  Belgium

Visit Omnia Travel
Omnia Travel

Founded in 1973, we rely on almost 50 years of experience as a travel agent. Knowledge is power, also when it comes to travel. You are at the right address for leisure travel, group travel as well as business travel.
In our group travel department, you will find expertise for garden tours, pilgrimages, school trips and MICE. For business travel, we like to combine our expertise with the latest travel technology. And for every holiday, whether near or far, our travel agents will provide a suitable proposal.
Are you an individual traveller looking for your dream holiday, a business traveller looking for the perfect business trip, or do you usually explore the world in group? At Omnia Travel, you will always find what you are looking for. You can find our travel agencies in Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent and Leuven.

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Feel free to contact us if you are interested in sponsoring our 15TH ANNIVERSARY TOUR, want to support our community in general or just want to empower our Marshalling Made Simple plans for golf clubs.